FirComp 2 - VST3/AU Compressor Plugin License & Download (single user)

Jon V Audio
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Ultra clean peak compressor/limiter with punchy attack, musical release, and optional lookahead smoothing, for tracks or busses. Zero/low latency and low CPU. This plugin includes download in all the following formats, plus access to future updates: 64-bit VST3 for Windows, Intel/M1 64-bit VST3 for Mac OSX 10.11+, and Intel/M1 64-bit Audio Unit (AU2) for Mac OSX 10.11+.

A Linux x64 version is available to download, but is not officially supported and is for testing purposes only. Please contact me for details on this.

If you are installing either of the OSX versions, you must run the RUN_ME_FIRST.command file first, before copying either of the plugin files/bundles to the system locations. If this file does not run, open System preferences -> Security to allow it to run. Please see the following video on how to do this: or read the manual for full instructions (this file used to be called fircomp2_unquarantine.command and is still referred to as such in old versions of the manual, currently being updated).

Which version to download? (As of 18th January 2022):

The recommended version to download is the 211 version (2.1.1, 18th Jan 2022). It is fully backwards compatible with the May 16 version's settings & presets. It has new & improved features, but has not been as extensively tested. Old VCA presets/settings open in "legacy" mode.

The May 16 version is the older version, that currently has no known bugs or issues, other than VCA feedback affecting ratio (see gumroad posts on this).

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Single user license and download for Fircomp 2 in all 3 available formats (Win VST3, Mac VST3 & AU)


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